Soundtrack My Life | August Edition #1

If you’re a music lover like I am, watch this video for song recommendations: what I’ve been listening to this week and why I love it.

This week’s picks are:

Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta, featuring Sam Martin
Bang Bang by Jessie J, featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
Jungle by Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors

Soundtrack My Life


Music means everything to me. I couldn’t imagine a world or life without it.

It can bring happiness to you while singing the car, harmonizing to whatever is playing on the radio. It can help you get over a bad day. It can empower you before an important test or game day.

Songs can have different meanings to us. It allows us to relive memories. It can make us feel a certain way: happier, sad, or stronger.

Music is therapy. It has the power to heal and strengthen us to overcome the obstacles in our lives.

It’s with me every day. It inspires me. And I’m always craving to discover more new music.

In a feature I call “Soundtrack My Life,” I will be sharing the music I love and have discovered with you! And I welcome anyone to share the music they love too and it might be featured on my blog.

Book Haul: Building My Library: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall


Building My Library is my personal weekly book haul meme. I share the books that I’m adding to my reading collection. This will include: books I buy from the store or online, borrow from friends or the public library,  advanced reading copies (books for review), gifts, audio books, and ebooks.

A lot of us aren’t ready to see summer go, but the weather is getting cooler and school has started for some people. It’s also time to welcome in the Fall season. Publishers have already started doing that, sending over their Fall books to bloggers. I’m personally excited for autumn. It’s my favourite time of the year.

I celebrated early with this:


Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Here are the books that are calling my shelves home this week:

Bird-Box-novel Continue reading

Book to Film: The Giver


When I heard The Giver was being made into a movie, I was super excited. It was one of those books that was a part of my childhood and helped shape the type of reader I am today. The novel has been banned in several parts of the world. I felt lucky enough that my grade 6 teacher believed in his students to be able to handle the mature themes and reflect on its message. Continue reading

Book to Film


Books have been adapted into movies. In recent years, it has become a popular practice to transport words from pages and human imagination onto the silver screen.

As a book lover, it can be an exciting and terrifying experience. Movies can reaffirm your love for a book or destroy its magic.

An unspoken rule among most book lovers is read the book first, and then go see the movie.

In a feature I call “Book to Film,” I will be examining how movies compare and contrast to their respective books.