Feisty Little Woman is moving!


Dear followers—old and new:

I got some pretty big news for all of you!

I’m closing up shop here at FeistyLittleWoman.wordpress.com.

But have no fear, I’m still in business, writing over at my shiny new home over at: feistylittlewoman.com.

That’s right. I now have my very own website!

Be first to see it! I’d love for all of you to go check it out. Please note, it’s still under construction, a few changes will be made. Nonetheless, I wanted to celebrate the launch of my new website with you.

Don’t forget to subscribe or bookmark the webpage to stay up-to-date on new content. I’ll be still writing, filming, and talking about all the things I love: books, movies, television, games, music, art and design.

I’ll be keeping up this wordpress account and message for about a week, then I’ll be setting it to private.

Hope to see all of you at feistylittlewoman.com.

Stay Feisty, friends!

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