Throwing Myself Back Into The Blogging Scene


Since February, I’ve had an impromptu hiatus from my website. A number of things contributed to it: winter blues (fueling a lack of motivation and sucking my creativity dry), work got busy (my co-workers and I had to prepare to welcome in and train seven new employees, and the pressures and deadlines I was giving myself for this website. I love to write and sharing my ideas and thoughts, but the last thing I want is having no fun during my blogging experience. I think the saying “Absence make the heart grow fonder” rings true. Like missing an old friend, I recently wanted to incorporate blogging back into my life.

So here I am, trying to get my groove back. The craziness at work has slowed down and the sunny, warm weather rejuvenated and re-energized my creativity and passions. If I learned anything, it is that it’s okay to take a break and realize I got burnt out. Sometimes too much of a good thing can get tiresome. Also, it is best to go at a pace I’m comfort at. It’s too easy to compare myself to other bloggers and content creators, getting disheartened and jealous of their success. I think sometimes it’s good to remind myself that some of these people have been doing this for years. They built their following and success on their own hard work. Instead, I hope to use them as inspiration and mentors without losing my own flare and personality.

As I get momentum, I’m hoping to introduce new ideas and projects I’ve been brainstorming and working on behind the scenes.

Here are a few of my goals:
  • Create a manageable editorial calendar
  • Blog at my own pace with flexible deadlines
  • Start publishing new features
  • Film and upload new videos for YouTube
  • Improve my photography skills & join Instagram’s #bookstagram community
  • Build my following
  • Work on dwindling down my TBR list
  • Try my hand at collaborations with other bloggers and content creators

I’m excited to delve back into something I love and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

My 28th Birthday & Birthday Haul


On February 21, I celebrated my 28th birthday. It’s crazy to think how much time has gone by. Now, I don’t really go nuts with birthday celebrations. I like to keep things low key but try to still have fun and do a few things I enjoy doing. Continue reading

Good News! I Got a Raise at Work


Since June 2015, I’ve been working at a fairly new marketing/advertising company in Ottawa. I’ve mentioned it a few times on my Instagram account, showing off a few perks my office offers. It seems like a rare thing nowadays to find a job you love and in your desired field. I’ve been lucky with both. Sure, there’s some slow days, but for the most part, I adore the people I work with and I have become a little obsessed with being successful at my job. When I’m sitting in the bus, on my way to work, I check my stats. It’s a lot like a video game and I’m always hoping to beat my personal score.

This brings me to my good news. The company outlines goals employees must reach in order to get rewarded. I’m the first person in the company to reach the first goal, which means I now get a bonus. My office even celebrated the momentous occasion by taking everyone out for lunch. I even got to invite my dad to tag along. I picked out the restaurant Milestones (which my dad pointed out the irony that we’re celebrating a milestone). It was a lot of fun, giving me some time to get to know my co-workers a little more while enjoying some appetizers and my favourite dish: the butternut squash ravioli.

To my surprise, the office got me this cute card and a little gift too: Continue reading

Embracing Winter: Visiting The Rideau Canal & The Wintertude Festival


This Friday my office set some time aside for employees to enjoy Winterlude before it ends this weekend. If you haven’t heard about it before, Winterlude is a winter festival celebrated in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. It usually runs from late January to mid-February. There’s a ton of activities to do, but the major attractions are the Rideau Canal—the world’s biggest skating rink, the ice sculptures, and of course, the hot chocolate and beaver tails. Continue reading

Feisty Little Woman is moving! Subscribe to my new website.


Dear followers—old and new:

I got some pretty big news for all of you!

I’m closing up shop here at But have no fear, I’m still in business, writing over at my shiny new home over at:

That’s right. I now have my very own website!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my new website to stay up-to-date on new content. I’ll be still writing, filming, and talking about all the things I love: books, movies, television, games, music, art and design.

Hope to see all of you at

Stay Feisty, friends!

I’m taking part in National Poetry Month | April 2015


April is National Poetry Month!

It was first celebrated in 1996. After the success of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March), National Poetry Month was created.

I challenge everyone to either read or read more poetry this month. If you have a blog, share any poetry you have written or even attempt writing your very first poem!

As many of you know, I share a lot of my poetry here on my blog, mostly every Monday.

To change things up, I’ll be posting much more of my own poetry, about two to three times a week this April.

Share in the comments below if you are planning to do anything for Poetry month or share any links to one of your favourite pieces of poetry (either yours or someone else’s).


Introducing Behind the Screen


Hey blog readers!

This post is a little update on what’s going on with my blog. There’s a lot of new things to look forward to from me. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve re-organized my blog, changing, rearranging, and even renaming the tabs. Continue reading