Welcome to Feisty Little Woman!


Sick and tired of doe-eyed, love struck damsels in distress? Well, so am I!

My main objective for this blog is to highlight female characters that are bold, strong, and define themselves through their own actions as well as giving credit to male characters who support  them.

 The girls and the women who can stand on their own two feet.
The girls and the women who do not use men as their crutch.
The women who girls should look up to.
And the women and girls who can be their own hero.

About me


Steph-FurlanBook worm. Writer. Soccer goalie. Social media addict. Self-proclaimed geek girl. I’m all these and more! I’ve loved books ever since I was little. It’s a great pastime for your modern day introvert. Since my years as a teenager, I explored the art of poetry and fiction writing and usually carried around a notebook to jot down ideas, always attempting to paint a picture with words and allowing readers to turn words into an on-going movie inside their heads.

Today, I’m a 20-something feisty little woman, residing in Ottawa. I’m an English major graduate and I completed a publishing program, where I discovered my love for digital marketing. My guilty pleasures are sleeping in, Starbucks coffee, and sushi. I’m the girl at the bookstore that examines every copy of a book to find the one that’s in perfect condition and frown upon people who choose to dog-ear books!

Here on my blog you’ll find reviews primarily on general fiction and young adult fiction. I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and slice-of-life books. To stand out from other book bloggers, I’ve added a creative, feminist spin to my reviews, which has gotten positive feedback from commenters and publishers. Along with a review, I provide an analysis of the female character(s) from the novel, noting whether or not she plays a strong role and how the author makes her human. Also, if there’s an outstanding male character that actively supports his female counterpart(s) and treats her as an equal, he is highlighted in a post too.

Publishers and writers are welcomed to send ARCs and galleys for review. A fan of the blog? Have a book recommendation? Leave a comment below or contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Email me: steph.furlan@gmail.com
Tweet me: @Stephfurlan


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve known Stephanie since she was a teenager and I’ve seen her really grow as a person over the years. She’s hard-working, enthusiastic about her career and a really awesome writer! I hope we watch her grow even more into her shell as she shares her love for fiction with the rest of us. 😉

  2. I do love imagery. These novels sound unique and can’t wait for the finished products. I am enjoying your reviews so I am sure I’d enjoy your novels. You’ve piqued my interest. Someone needs to discover you and start publishing your work. Your enthusiasm for literature is contagious.

    • Thanks so much! Best of luck with your first book.
      In the new year, I’ll be posting about writing/publishing tips so keep an eye out for them.
      Generally, if someone is driven to get published, the best advice is to stay driven and keep writing! Also, social media is your best friend.

  3. Hey Steph I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I really enjoy reading your reviews. They’re well written and they get me interested in things such as Divergent and Cinder…don’t judge. Haha anyway I hope you accept this award. You deserve it.

    Keep up the great work 😀

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