Orange is the New Black, Season 3 is released early


Orange is the New Black is one of my favourite shows on Netflix. Season 3 was meant to be released on Friday, June 12 at midnight, but during OrangeCon, the invitation-only fan event in New York, there was an announcement that the show would be released six hours earlier.

If you still have not discovered Orange is the New Black, here’s what you need to know. It’s based on Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. The comedy-drama series follows Piper Chapman who is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison called Litchfield Penitentiary. She is convicted due to transporting illegal drugs internationally for her former girlfriend Alex Vause. Leaving behind her finance, Larry, and her New York home, she is reunited with her ex-girlfriend and must learn how to survive prison life.

To be honest, in my opinion, the main character, Piper, is super boring. But the other characters bring colour and life to the show. Their stories are uplifting, sad, and strange, but as an audience member, you can always connect with them in some way. A big part of why I love the show too is that women dominate the story and screen time. It shows a diverse group of women with each their own story. They’re different shapes and sizes, ages, have different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc. It’s refreshing to watch.

This season there’s new characters and a whole lot of shenanigans all the characters will get into. Here’s a sneak peek for you can expect for season 3:

Now, it’s time for me to grab some popcorn, curl up with a blanket, and saw binge-watching season 3 of Orange is the New Black!


The Hunt Begins: Hannibal returns for Season 3 this Summer


On June 4th, a week from now, Hannibal is back on TV!  It’s in its third season and I’m super excited.

Some people are hesitant to watch it and I understand because I felt the same way. Cannibalism? Ew.

But a friend of mine was so enthusiastic about it that it gave me that push to watch it. And it’s really good! Together, we found the Toronto location of the establishing shot for Hannibal Lector’s office.

Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show, does dark humor well. He’s been a part of shows like Pushing Daisies and one of my favourites, Dead Like Me. And oh man, the kind of television he makes is a work of art. Even the most grotesque scenes in Hannibal are so beautiful, a mesh of horror and beauty.


Last season, the show ended in a bloody battle and now the hunt is on for Hannibal. The characters finally realize what we, the audience, knew all along that Hannibal is a dangerous serial killer and cannibal.

Here is season three’s trailer.

Are you a Hannibal fan? Do you have any predictions for Season 3?

iZombie: Season 1, episode 8: Love & other drugs


There’s love again for Liv. She and Lowell are indeed a couple. A cute zombie couple. While the opening scene suggests female pleasure, I’d say its progress in the entertainment world. It’s been known that the film and television industry frowns upon showing female satisfaction on screen, meanwhile has no problem showing off male characters getting everything they want, even sexually. Not too long ago, Evan Rachel Wood spoke out about one of her scenes being cut out from the film Charlie Countryman due to her character receiving oral sex. She said that there’s a double standard in Hollywood. If it were the reverse, a man receiving oral sex, the scene would have stayed. iZombie is on The CW so the scene is both tame and suggestive, but it shows that the creator, Rob Thomas, breaks down barriers and expectations for female characters.

On a fun note, Peyton is back this episode. And she’s totally kick-ass, demanding Major be released right away. Ravi had been waiting in the office for a long time, waiting for him to be released but the admin assistant was being quite rude and instead on a phone call with a friend. Peyton gets right to business and gets Major out in a matter of minutes. Ravi seemed impressed, perhaps even giving Peyton a charming smile. When we see Major, he has severe cuts and bruises on his face. Poor guy. He also finds out that the boys he has been searching for are dead.


As for Liv, she starts listening to a morning show all about sex on the radio. While at work, things get heated when a caller finds out that the radio host had been sleeping with her husband. The radio signal goes dead and we later found out that the host was murdered via electrocution from her radio equipment. Liv offers to listen to archived sessions of the show to look deeper into who the mysterious caller might be.

Back at the lab, Ravi asks Liv about Peyton. He’s quite interested in her, calling her a “spitfire.” Liv tries not to get his hopes up since, she explains, Peyton doesn’t have any problem finding interested guys. Soon after, Ravi discovers that most of his rats are dead—all of their brains are missing. Funny enough, Liv makes a Game of Thrones reference: “The Lannisters send their regards.” They later find the zombie rat and Liv picks him up as though he’s a puppy. It’s adorable!

In some abandoned warehouse, the police chief meets Blaine. We get a few answers. Blaine turned the police chief into a zombie and it was the chief who moved the missing kids’ bodies into the cultist’s home from last episode. The chief even mentions Liv. He knows she’s a zombie and it seems Blaine has a plan for her too.


As the episode comes to a close, Liv and Clive find out that the sex radio host was murdered by her producer who was jealous of her fame. Major seeks protection, buying a gun from the back of a car. Ravi finally asks Peyton out on a date. And despite wearing a chain-mail glove, the zombie rat bites him in the lab as he is doing blood work. I totally saw that coming. It was bound to happen. But can something small as a rat infect someone? I really love Ravi as a plain old human. I really hope that he doesn’t end up a zombie.

Lastly, Liv is happily waking up next to Lowell. She gets ready for work and eats a piece of brain among scramble eggs. When she catches a glimpse of Blaine coming towards Lowell’s building, you can’t help but get a sinking feeling in your stomach. Liv has a vision of Jerome, one of the missing kids, before he’s murdered by Blaine. Then as the elevator doors open for her and to Blaine, Liv can’t help but realize that Lowell was turned by Blaine. What a very small zombie world it is!


What are your thoughts on episode eight? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 9.

iZombie: Season 1, episode 7: Maternity Liv


Emily Sparrow, a young pregnant woman, stumbles across some campers, calling for help. She eventually dies, but her baby is saved. She was found in a simple white nightgown with a broken ankle and cuts all over her body. No one is really sure what happened to her, but her parents and her boyfriend are all suspects.

This episode was ho-hum for me. It felt like a filler episode for the season. Its main focus was the new case with only minor scenes that moved the story as a whole along. Major is working with a reporter to get justice for the missing teens. It was interesting that it’s quite reflective of what is going on in the media right now: white privilege and the injustice against minorities. Ravi is still seeking a cure for Liv and the other zombies. Liv’s mother and even Liv herself are encouraging Evan, her brother, to get a job, which, unknown to them, the job application is for Blaine’s butcher shop. Everything is slowly coming together for the pending climax.

This episode Liv takes a bite of Emily’s brain, which in turn gives her maternal instincts. She’s protective and caring of the people around her, even looking out for Emily’s baby. It’s a nice change from the awful hitman and nasty, loner gamer brain. Lowell, Liv’s love interest, is acting odd, understanding scientific theories and isn’t interested, almost disgusted, with Liv’s affection. Later, we find out, and to Liv’s relief, that he had a healthy dose of gay man brain.

Another lighthearted moment is brought to you by Ravi! He bonds with Lowell in the morgue, sharing where they came from in England. He also collects blood samples from Lowell to help with his ongoing research of zombies. He has made process, using rats in a controlled experiment. Ravi seems to think Utopium and an unlisted ingredient in the Max Rager energy drink is causing people to transform into zombies. Which one do you think will become zombified:

Rat A (Alpha): Water and sugar only.

Rat B (Beta): 90% Max Rager, 10% Uptoium

Rat C (Charlie): 90% Max Rager, 20% Uptoium

Rat D (Delta): 90% Max Rager, 30% Uptoium

Rat E (Echo): 90% Max Rager, 40% Uptoium


On a fun note, Liv gets the gay friend experience with Lowell, at least until it wears off or he gets new brains. They drink spicy bloody Mary’s, getting drunk, munching on spicy Cheetos, laugh at old photos and dance most of the night. Also, I’d like to add how much I love Liv’s fashion choices. I was worried the show was going to have her in only gray clothes, but I love the colour she wears. I’m quite fond of her cherry red leather jacket and purple sweater.

As the case progresses, Liv and Clive find out that a couple, one of them was the animal control woman they questioned earlier, are holding girls captive in a tree house. In a vision, Liv finds out that they were holding Emily too and she broke out. Shots are fired from the house when Liv and Clive stake it out. Shortly after, the police unit come to help Clive. The police chief goes in to stop the shooters, using his zombie powers to take them out. Meanwhile, Liv finds the tree house and saves the girls. During the rescue, Liv got shot but it’s hard to say if the police chief knows what she is yet. I think he knows something is up though.


In the end, Major is stuck in jail after breaking into Blaine’s thug Julian Dupont’s car. He finds hair dye, hot sauce, and brains. The police find it too, but Julian is quick with a believable lie. He tells them it’s a calf’s brain and shows them a card from the butcher shop. We’re left wondering what may happen to Liv’s brother if he visits the shop. The last scene was the most exciting and terrifying. Rat Alphla is trying to escape the morgue in desperation, chewing on the door while Rat Echo, in zombie mode, eats the other mice.

What are your thoughts on episode seven? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 8.

iZombie: Season 1, Episode 6: Virtual Reality Bites


The opening scene had my heart sinking, seeing Major in the morgue on a metal table. It had me fooled a mere few seconds. I really thought Major was dead. Then, I hoped Liv was having a nightmare. Then Major groaned and all was right with the world. At first, I thought he might have turned into a zombie. Don’t worry though, he’s still one hundred percent human.

Jackie, Blaine’s rich lady friend and sleeping buddy, has gone rogue. She needs brains and wants them now. When the delivery boy comes up dry with fresh brains, Jackie ends up killing him and eats his instead. Bad move, Jackie. Blaine gets to the bottom of it, realizing what has happen. It seems like his empire doesn’t have a strong foundation yet and his employees need to learn to be loyal and follow the rules. By the end of the episode, Blaine decides to depose of Jackie—death by drill.


This time around Liv investigates the murder of Simon Cutler, a.k.a “SIM Reaper,” a powerful online gamer and hacker. He’s the same old, tired gamer stereotype—a loner, overweight, junk-food eating, computer obsessed nerd who lives in his basement. Yawn fest. iZombie is getting a D in originally here. Anyway, Cutler is found blown up like a balloon, his tongue and eyes are puffy and his veins have turned black. Delving deeper into the kind of man he was, he was cruel, a troll, and if he didn’t get his way, he’d ruin anyone’s life. He’s the kind of guy that deserves what was coming to him. Then again, based on our legal system, it seems everyone deserves justice, even the nastiest people.

On a lighter note, I love Ravi’s reaction when he’s excited about helping Liv with the case, helping her with an online roleplaying game. I just wish for once that tv and movies would change it up and have a girl gamer, someone who knows what they are doing and can kick ass.


Liv’s love life is a bit bumpy too. She’s testing the waters with Lowell. After eating Cutler’s brain, she’s too scared to go outside and cancels their date. At first, she tries to lie about why she isn’t meeting up with him, but then is relieved when she can tell him the truth because he’s a zombie. It was nice on his part to come knocking and give her some medication to help her cope with the side effects of the brains she ate. They start talking, sharing about their lives and the difficulties about being a zombie. A heart to heart leads to Lowell wanting to kiss Liv, but she dodges it, making it a mighty awkward situation. But this episode ends well, Liv makes up for it, taking a leap and kissing Lowell.

Meanwhile, Major and Clive are trying to dig deeper into Jerome’s disappearance, even it means risking their lives. Major starts obsessing over it, looking at old Youtube videos at the skate park. Clive ends up at Blaine’s restaurant, asking questions. If he persisted, he may have ended up dead, becoming Blaine’s next meal. Liv ends up getting a hold of a clip from the skate park that Major found, showing off Blaine and his bodyguard together. They have found the Candyman.

Clive and Liv also found their killer. Turns out, it was the customer service girl’s brother. She was completely destroyed by Cutler after she posted the call online. He hacked into all her personal files, exposing  them and editing them to make her life miserable. She later committed suicide. Her brother sought revenge. He found out Cutler had a food allergy to peanuts, so he added peanut oil to the confetti inside a birthday card. When Cutler opened the card, the confetti exploded everywhere and ended up killing the man. When Clive explains he will be going to jail, all the brother can say is that it was worth it.

What are your thoughts on episode six? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 7.

iZombie: Season 1, episode 5: Flight of the Living Dead

Lollipops. Popsicles. Corn dogs. What do all these things have in common? Well, they’re all food items that resemble the latest victim of a skydiving accident who got impaled by a tree branch. It doesn’t take long for Liv to realize it’s her friend Holly who used to belong to her sorority.


Out of respect for her, Liv decides to eat her brain to double check there wasn’t any foul play. As a result, it has a positive effect on her. Liv is inspired to live a little, riding her bike haphazardly on roads and sidewalks in the rain. It’s nice to see her smile too.

Meanwhile, Major is still seeking out Jerome who went missing not too long ago. He pays Clive a visit at the police station in hopes of getting his help. The detective is already swamped with his own cases that he promises to at least have the missing persons department look into it. Major leaves annoyed and frustrated. A bit of foreshadowing follows. Clive warns Major not to do anything stupid. And if you’ve watched tv shows long enough, you’d know something is bound to happen.


After a nudge from Liv, Clive brings in Lowell Tracey, Holly’s friend and one of the skydrivers who jumped along with her the day of her death. When she walks into the interrogation room, Lowell seemed to be in awe and glad to see her. One of my favourite lines is when he says: “Liv Moore. Huh. So, do you?” How ironic is that? I didn’t realize that before that her name resembles “Live more,” which she is technically doing since she’s a zombie.

Clive later finds out Max Rager, the company sponsoring the skydrivers, has deleted the footage from the helmet cameras. Naturally, it creates greater suspicion that Holly’s death was set-up, so Clive interviews the other skydivers to look deeper into the case.

Veronica Mars fans, doesn’t Carson McComb look familiar? Well, he should. It’s Ryan Hansen who played Dick Casablancas in the Veronica Mars series. In an interview, Rob Thomas, creator and writer for both shows, mentioned that a few actors from Veronica Mars will be making an appearance on iZombie, which is very exciting.


I like Detective Clive a lot more now. His character is more grounded and confident. I love the one liners he says in this episode. After he interview s Carson, who hiliariously spilled the beans like crazy, Clive tells Liv, “All I did was look at him.” It made me smile. Carson also seems to have slept with everyone. He’s dating Elisa right now, an exec from Max Rager, but he slept with Holly a few times prior and in one of Liv’s visions, Carson may have slept with Ren, a fellow skydriver and sports athlete sponsored by Max Rager. Clive, funny enough, says, “Who isn’t this guy sleeping with? The pilot who flew the plane?”

A memorial party is held in Holly’s honour and Liv decides to go out of respect but also to freely investigate her murder, keeping a close eye on the people who were with her during Holly’s last moments on earth. As she snooping in Carson’s room, Lowell finds her and invites her for a drink. They chat as he prepares bloody Marys. Things get interesting when he adds hot sauce and a hot pepper for garnish. Yup, our handsome musician Lowell Tracey is a zombie. On top of that, he has a crush on Liv and openly tells her he wants to date her. It’s nice to see Liv being open about being a zombie again—this time with someone new. The truth always makes things easier and relaxing. When Liv is back at the office again, she opens up to Ravi about Lowell and they talk like two adorable best friends. I still love how supportive Ravi is.


Not sure if this is a Rob Thomas thing, but GHB is mentioned in this episode. If you’ve watched Veronica Mars, you might remember the drug being mentioned multiple times on the show. It may be a tribute to V. Mars or perhaps it’s Thomas’ drug of choice for his shows. As a Veronica Mars fan, I love that he might be making references to it, but I hope he also makes an effort to be more original. This is a whole new show in entirely. I just hope its writers don’t live in the past of their former shows too much, missing the mark to create something great that can stand on its two feet.

This episode will have to shouting out loud at the Tv: “Oh my god, everyone is a zombie!” Lowell is a zombie. The police chief is a zombie. So far, I’m guessing Blaine is trying to build an army, but he’s being smart about it, turning most powerful and influential people in the city into zombies.

As the episode comes to a close, Elisha is suspect number one. Clive and other cops head to her home, only to realize she left her home unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Major visits the skate park and finds Blaine’s zombie bodyguard who is wearing Jerome’s shoes. The muscle beats Major to the pulp, leaving him for dead. And Lowell opens his heart to Liv at the morgue. There seems to be some chemistry and Liv is willing to take the leap at zombie love.

What are your thoughts on episode five? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 6.

iZombie: Season 1, episode 4: Liv and Let Clive

Every time I see the episode titles or even the scene names for iZombie, I wonder if the writers brainstormed really hard on character names and zombie puns. How long do you think it took them to come up with this stuff? Nevertheless, it makes me smile. I love when dark humour is done well.


This time around we start off seeing how Blaine is faring. Smart, on his part, to turn some rich woman into a zombie. Now he has access to spray tans and hair dye, which I imagine may need to happen almost weekly. Isn’t that one of the scariest things—a monster hiding in plain sight?

Then, it was pretty cringe worthy when Liv makes her way into Major’s home. He’s in nothing but a towel and for some reason, she can’t seem to deduce that there might be another girl upstairs. It doesn’t take long for the audience’s suspicions to be confirmed.


Later at the morgue, Liv take a bite of Sammy Wong’s brain, a paranoid, kung fu fighting gang member. She also ends up having a vision of Clive, which gives her reason to believe he may be a dirty cop. Even audiences are left puzzled, wondering what to think of Clive. Personally, Clive won me over in this episode. He finally shows off he has confidence and backbone! He’s a good cop and cares about the innocent, even tries to protect Liv. Later in the show, they have a heart to heart, which was very much needed—to help Liv trust him again and encourage me to start liking him.

I also enjoyed seeing Liv interacting with her brother Evan. He looks up to his sister, asking to spend some time at her place while their mother has a meltdown over his grades. It’s weird because this kid managed to get A’s and B’s. What kind of parent gets angry over B’s?


The interaction with Ravi and Major was delightful. I’m so glad that the two of them get along and even decide to live together. More so, Ravi now has a place to stay and Major has a roommate who can pay rent but also cancels out any competition for Liv. It’s a win-win for everybody! I especially adored the end of show where Liv and Major help Ravi move in. It’s like they are one big happy family now.

Before this week’s case is closed, the gang leader tries to take Liv out, thinking she’s an undercover cop. Unlucky for him, Liv, with the help of Sammy’s transferred abilities, knows martial arts and stands up to him. After she’s cornered and with the possibility the gang leader might attack her brother, she goes into full on zombie mode to take him down. The show’s effects are pretty well done. Her eyes are a creepy yellow, red, and black, and she even has black veins across her face. Super creepy.


As for Blaine, well he’s not afraid to get messy on his way to building some sort of zombie empire.

What are your thoughts on episode four? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 5.

iZombie: Season 1, episode 3: The Exterminator

izombie-marcy-zombie-season-1-episode-3Another zombie is on Liv’s radar. Like she says, “Two’s company, three’s a horde.” Nearby an abandoned warehouse, Ravi and Liv discover Marcy who worked with Liv and invited her to the boat party, and on top of that, she was turned into a zombie too. Yet, Marcy is stuck in a pit and as Liv describes, “she looks like a melted candle.” She hasn’t had access to brains and as a result, she’s wild and inhuman.

In this episode, Liv consumes a brain that belonged to a hitman. Taking on his personality, she lacks empathy and suddenly has a knack for trivia. She doesn’t even seem fazed when she sees a video of her ex-fiancé Major, kissing another girl or that she may have jeopardized her friend Peyton’s career. While the brain help suppress the hurt she feels, she eventually learns that she can’t ignore it forever. On  the plus side, her visions do help Detective Babineaux solve this week’s case and track down the murder.

ravi-and-liv-at-work-izombie-season-1-episode-3Early on in the episode, Blaine visits the morgue to confront Liv why she didn’t meet him and help him out with some brains. Considering he was the one who turned her into a zombie, I think it was smart on her part not to trust him. She did see him with shady characters when she did try to meet him in the first place. Understanding Liv doesn’t trust him nor want to help him, Blaine declares it’s every zombie for himself. I’m personality intrigued where this might go. What is Blaine planning to do? And will Liv’s choice not to trust him or help him have consequences?

As always, it is fun to see Ravi and Liv together. On other shows, sometimes it’s boring to watch the hero hold onto a secret and be tormented about it. In iZombie, it’s refreshing to see the main character have someone who knows her secrets and be able to console her. Despite being Liv’s boss, Ravi is a trusted friend. He desperately wants to find a cure. With Marcy around, he tries to test out his theories and hope for the best, for Liv’s sake.

izombie-liv-zombie-mode-season-1-episode-3But this time around he’s in danger, falling into the pit with Marcy who may have rip him to shreds. Lucky for him, Liv’s on his side and comes to his rescue. Liv protects him. And even though it seemed she could have turned on him, Ravi has enough faith that she’s strong enough to fight the urge to go full zombie mode. They make a pretty good team. Clive even asks Ravi to help with closing the case, ending the episode on a good note.

What are your thoughts on episode three? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 4.

iZombie: Season 1, episode 2: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?


As promised, I’m recapping iZombie from week to week, so let’s chat about episode two: Brother, can you spare a brain?

Our zombie girl, Liv, is helping out with an investigation of the death of local artist Javier, who was stabbed in the eye with a paint brush. Ouch. Liv’s co-worker Dr. Ravi explains during the on-scene autopsy that the artist would have died instantly since the murder weapon, once through the eye, acted like an off switch the moment it made contact with the brain. Back at the lab, Liv pulls out the paint brush and carves off any brain bits into a pizza roll, which she happily consumes. As a result, she inherits Javier’s personality traits, memories, and the gift to create art. Continue reading

TV Recap: iZombie is finally here!


Zombies. There’s been The Walking Dead and Warm Bodies, and zombies are still all the rage. iZombie recently aired (March 17). I heard about it sometime last year and have been waiting for it desperately. I can’t seem to get enough of the whole zombie genre (The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows on TV). Another big reason I was super excited for this show is that Rob Thomas co-wrote and directed it. He’s well-known for Veronica Mars (another favourite). The iZombie trailer alone reminded me of the flare the show Veronica Mars had—quick-witted, intelligent humour, a likable, strong-willed female character, a colourful and diverse group of secondary characters, and mysteries you can’t wait to be solved.   Continue reading