Divergent’s Four is Number One

DIVERGENTHe’s tough.

He’s strong.

And who can resist the tattoos?

Four is Divergent’s leading man. He’s the perfect match for Tris, our young leading lady.

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Marvelous Males

As promised, I am dedicating a section of this blog to the gents in YA books, calling it “Marvelous Males.”

Here at FLW, I wanted to celebrate and give credit to the male characters that support, adore, and keep a balance of equality among the girls and women in stories too.

Sometimes, in books, male characters either hold a more dominate role in contrast to their female counterpart or male characters come off a little more submissive in comparison to a dominant female character. But I say, it is possible for authors not to compromise both female and male characters from being equally confident, strong, and more than capable of standing their ground.

So here they are—the males who adore their feisty little women!