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Throwing Myself Back Into The Blogging Scene


Since February, I’ve had an impromptu hiatus from my website. A number of things contributed to it: winter blues (fueling a lack of motivation and sucking my creativity dry), work got busy (my co-workers and I had to prepare to welcome in and train seven new employees, and the pressures and deadlines I was giving myself for this website. I love to write and sharing my ideas and thoughts, but the last thing I want is having no fun during my blogging experience. I think the saying “Absence make the heart grow fonder” rings true. Like missing an old friend, I recently wanted to incorporate blogging back into my life.

So here I am, trying to get my groove back. The craziness at work has slowed down and the sunny, warm weather rejuvenated and re-energized my creativity and passions. If I learned anything, it is that it’s okay to take a break and realize I got burnt out. Sometimes too much of a good thing can get tiresome. Also, it is best to go at a pace I’m comfort at. It’s too easy to compare myself to other bloggers and content creators, getting disheartened and jealous of their success. I think sometimes it’s good to remind myself that some of these people have been doing this for years. They built their following and success on their own hard work. Instead, I hope to use them as inspiration and mentors without losing my own flare and personality.

As I get momentum, I’m hoping to introduce new ideas and projects I’ve been brainstorming and working on behind the scenes.

Here are a few of my goals:
  • Create a manageable editorial calendar
  • Blog at my own pace with flexible deadlines
  • Start publishing new features
  • Film and upload new videos for YouTube
  • Improve my photography skills & join Instagram’s #bookstagram community
  • Build my following
  • Work on dwindling down my TBR list
  • Try my hand at collaborations with other bloggers and content creators

I’m excited to delve back into something I love and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.