Blog Tour | Interview with Alexandra Grigorescu, debut author of Cauchemar


Congratulations on your debut novel, Alexandra! And thank you for taking some time to chat with me about your novel Cauchemar.

How does it feel to have published your first novel?

Alexandra Grigorescu: It feels amazing, Steph. It’s been one of my goals since I was eight years old—really, one of the top ones—so it’s wonderful to finally see my work in print.

What inspired you to write Cauchemar?

AG: I don’t think there was necessarily any one thing that inspired me. It was a convergence of being twenty-something and in love, feeling a bit unsure of what came next, and honestly, finding myself unable to avoid staring at this weathered cow skull that I’d mounted on my wall.

The book came on the heels of having taken a bit of a break from writing creatively, so it felt good to immerse myself in such an evocative environment. Continue reading