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Event: The Spirit of the Dragon-Horse: The Stolen Wings

A giant mythical dragon-horse and spider roam the streets of Ottawa this weekend. To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the city of Ottawa organized an incredible event and experience like no other. The live performance is called: The Spirit of the Dragon-horse: The Stolen Wings. It was created by Francois Delaroziere, the Artisitic Director of La Machine, a French theatre production company.

The Dragon-Horse Pamphlet Continue reading


Book Haul: Ottawa Book Blogger Meetup 2015


On a hot and sunny Sunday, May 3, I attended the Ottawa Book Blogger Meetup. It took place in a private room at The Works in Westboro. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, I ate lunch and talked about books with fellow book bloggers. I finally met a few of the Ottawa bloggers I’ve spoken to online. Continue reading

Update: What’s going on

Hey World.

I’ve been a busy bee.
I’ve graduated from my publishing program.
I’ve finished up my internship with Harpercollins Canada.
And I’m currently in search of a marketing/social media job.

For anyone who would like to get into the publishing industry, the best thing to do is take classes and get yourself into an internship. There’s nothing better than get on the job experience and you get to meet some pretty awesome people to.
The key is to work hard (always go the extra mile)–they do take notice, and try not to be shy–always ask questions and do everything you possibly can.
For example, I worked for the marketing and publicity departments. During my 3 months, I wanted to be as involved as possible, so I attended events and even took pictures since I wanted to help out with their corprate blog. It was a a lot of fun too!

When I have more time, I hope to elaborate more on what to expect at an internship or answer any questions some of you may have.

For now, I’m on a job search and currently managing social media for 404, which will soon become Paper Droids.
Check us out, here.