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Update: FLW, the New & Improved

Hi Everyone!

I’m back and with a few updates!

First, if you check out the website, I’ve changed the front page banner and some of the drop menus. So explore and discover the new features.

Second, I’ve decided to review more than just YA novels. I’ve added a Fiction category.
Also, I’ll be reviewing Film and Television.
I’ll still be highlighting strong female characters and their supportive male counterparts.
Keep your eyes open for upcoming updates.

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Divergent’s Four is Number One

DIVERGENTHe’s tough.

He’s strong.

And who can resist the tattoos?

Four is Divergent’s leading man. He’s the perfect match for Tris, our young leading lady.

If you haven’t yet, check out my review for Divergent and why I think Tris is one feisty female. Continue reading

Prediction: The Next Phenomenon

Ever hear of Harry Potter? If you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?

Heard of Twilight? Most of us have. If you managed to escape the damaging shrills of vampire fan girls, lucky you.

So what do these big name book titles have in common? Well, they all became a phenomenon.

In the book world, it gets hit with a new phenomenon, on average, in a cycle of every five years. Once you realise what the newest hot trend is, it is sometimes too late to jump onto the bandwagon—at least, for writers.

The vampires have had their spotlight, but the question now is: what’s next? Continue reading