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Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder-coverForget the ashes.

Forget the ugly and evil (well, at least one of them is) stepsisters.

There’s no fairy godmother either in this new twist to the classic fairytale Cinderella.

There’s a new fad in town: Science Fiction. Young adult novels seem to be taking form in dystopian stories like The Hunger Games series or Divergent. But, reading Cinder is a breath of fresh air. The story doesn’t take place in a ruined world, but one that has developed technologies and has relationships with other planets (and even the Moon!)

Take a look at Cinder’s gorgeous cover. It’s definitely art candy, but its insides are worth devouring too. The first chapter was a little slow moving for me, but once I got going, I got addicted. The story follows the story of Cinder, a young mechanic, who is our sci-fi Cinderella. She has a secret she doesn’t want most people knowing. She’s a cyborg. Cyborgs are treated as low class citizens in futuristic Beijing. Yet, Cinder has an even bigger secret that she didn’t even know she had. Continue reading