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Blog Tour | Review: Archetype by M.D. Waters

Archetype-coverWhite light blinds you as your eyes open. As they adjust, you see strangers surrounding you. They take care of you, keeping you in a white room like a safe cocoon. Though when you sleep, dreams that feel so real haunt you, sharing a past that might have been yours and urging you to remember it—a truth you must unravel. During your first evaluation session, the doctor asks you how you are feeling and what you saw in your nightmares. You open your mouth to answer, but then a voice in your head, much like a conscience, urges you to lie. What would you do? This is Emma’s reality and she has a choice to make—trust a past life she doesn’t remember or give in to the tempting lifestyle she has now.   

In Archetype, the novel is in first-person narrative, a story told through our protagonist Emma’s eyes. When readers first meet Emma, she is a weak and naïve character. She herself even realizes it, but I believe she is a reflection of her circumstances. Now, comparing her to the voice in her head, which early on I assumed was the essence of the woman she was before the “accident,” I enjoyed this stronger and quirky personality much more. I couldn’t get enough of her. She had quick wit and hilarious sarcasm that eased some of the tension in the story. The voice, or as Emma calls it “Her”, even protects Emma, guiding and helping her through her journey of difficult situations and getting her closer to seeing the bigger picture. Continue reading

Review: The Night Has Teeth by Kat Kruger

The-Night-Has-Teeth-coverEver since Paper Droids, an online magazine that features everything geeky, wrote a review and held a contest for Kat Kruger’s The Night has Teeth, I wanted to pick up the book. I have become good chatting buddies with the author via Facebook and Twitter since I’m responsible for the social media platforms for the website and held the contest for her. With that in mind, I’d like to say I am attempting to give an honest review about the novel the best I can.

The story centers around Connor, a seventeen year old who has been a social outcast ever since he bit another boy in his kindergarten class. Things seem to look up when he’s given a scholarship to attend a school in Paris and starts making new friends. Overtime, he is introduced to the secret world of werewolves, finding out there are two kinds: the born and the bitten. The born become full-fledged wolves while the bitten become half-human, half-wolf creatures. A mad scientist, a very old, bitten-werewolf , is seeking out a “cure” to wipe out the existence of the werewolves, and Connor is caught in the middle of the feud. Continue reading