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Book Haul: Winter Releases 2015


Snow has finally arrived in my part of the neighbourhood! While it would have been wonderful to have snow on Christmas day, it’s better late than never. Living in Canada, I, as well as other Canadians, love their seasons and I was starting to miss the snow. Winter isn’t really winter without a little white on the ground. Now is the best time to curl up on the couch, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows alongside a good book. Continue reading

Book Haul: Building My Library: eARCs from HarperCollins edition


Building My Library is my personal weekly book haul meme. I share the books that I’m adding to my reading collection. This will include: books I buy from the store or online, borrow from friends or the public library,  advanced reading copies (books for review), gifts, audio books, and ebooks.

While I do love lining my book shelves with physical copies of the ARCs I select or the books I buy, it is very convenient and sometimes easier to get the review copies I want from websites like NetGalley and Above The Treeline (Edelweiss).

Here are the books that are calling my shelves home this week:


A Cold Legacy (The Madman’s Daughter #3) by Megan Shepherd Continue reading

Review: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

The-Storied-Life-of-A.J.Fikry-coverI absolutely loved this book! It’s one of the few books I’d re-read over and over again. Gabrielle Zevin’s The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry is a great pick for anyone who understands how the publishing world works or obsessed with books and has a love of reading.

The novel is about A.J. Fikry who isolates himself inside his bookstore, Island books, after the loss of his wife, avoiding people and becoming a bitter man. He seems to have run out of luck. His bookstore is experiencing the worst sales in its history and his prized possession, a rare collection of Poe poems, is stolen. But then his world is turned upside-down when Maya, a baby girl, is abandoned at his bookstore and he takes it upon himself to raise her. She is the best thing that happens to him. She cracks the hard shell he wears and helps him to start living again. Even the locals of Alice Island start noticing his transformation. They help him raise the little girl and slowly he becomes a changed man and a part of the community. This book is all about second chances, love, and reminds us why we’re drawn to storytelling. Continue reading

Contest & Event: Bringing YA to You

YA2UlogoHave you ever wished that a big YA book tour would make a stop in your hometown? Well, here’s your chance for that wish to come true! YA2U is a program that features five award-winning and best-selling authors who are holding a contest to see what city they should visit in an exclusive tour stop!

The authors are collecting votes from January 1 to February 15, and any city in the continental US or any Canadian city that has an international airport can win an exclusive visit from all five authors, including an author panel and book signing! Entering is super easy–and if you help spread the word about the contest, you can also enter to win a signed copy of all of their books (TEN signed books in total!)–and the book contest is open internationally!


Marie Lu, the New York Times best-selling author of Legend and the upcoming Prodigy
Marissa Meyer, the New York Times best-selling author of Cinder and the upcoming Scarlet
Beth Revis, the New York Times best-selling author of Across the UniverseA Million Suns, and the upcoming Shades of Earth
Victoria Schwab, author of The Near Witch and the highly-anticipated upcoming The Archived
Megan Shepherd, author of the debut novel The Madman’s Daughter




And if you mention that you learned about YA2U from me, we both get extra entries in the contest!

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Update: What’s going on

Hey World.

I’ve been a busy bee.
I’ve graduated from my publishing program.
I’ve finished up my internship with Harpercollins Canada.
And I’m currently in search of a marketing/social media job.

For anyone who would like to get into the publishing industry, the best thing to do is take classes and get yourself into an internship. There’s nothing better than get on the job experience and you get to meet some pretty awesome people to.
The key is to work hard (always go the extra mile)–they do take notice, and try not to be shy–always ask questions and do everything you possibly can.
For example, I worked for the marketing and publicity departments. During my 3 months, I wanted to be as involved as possible, so I attended events and even took pictures since I wanted to help out with their corprate blog. It was a a lot of fun too!

When I have more time, I hope to elaborate more on what to expect at an internship or answer any questions some of you may have.

For now, I’m on a job search and currently managing social media for 404, which will soon become Paper Droids.
Check us out, here.

My Return & Becoming an Intern

As you probably noticed, I have been on a little bit of a hiatus.

There’s been a great shift in my life.

I’ve finished up my publishing program.

And like every student in my program, I’ve dealt with the stress of trying to find an internship.

But having taken the right and necessary steps, I managed to get in with one of the biggest publishing houses in Canada.

Prepare for my epic-ness!

Continue reading

Cover: Shades of Gray

Sometimes, covers don’t need bold colours or striking images. All you really need is a smart typography choice that provides a personality to your novel. This was an objective to another class assignment. I had to create a title, and based on the title, design a cover that uses no colour (just black, white, and even gray), typography, and well thought out placement of the text. It was a fun new way to consider how to design a book cover.

Here are two styles of the cover I choose to make:

February 2012

February 2012

What do you think of them?

Book Cover: Angels in Hell

As some of you know, I am a publishing student. One of my favourite classes in my publishing program is design. Last semester, I got an opportunity to choose between designing a book cover or a magazine cover. Can you guess which I chose?

My muse for my book cover is an idea I have been working on with a friend. It is a science fiction story with references to different religious mythology mixed in. My first attempt was to design a cover for the first book, but I had limited resources for what I wanted to do. Instead I decided to make the “if this turned into a second book, here is the cover” piece. And here is it:

December 2011

I used photos of the lovely Evan Rachel Wood and Diane Kruger. They represent the sisters in the story. A brief background: There’s two countries that are at war in the first book—one represents Heaven and the other Hell. One sister wants peace between both countries, but is protected by the hero of the story. Meanwhile, her little sister has been more affected by the war and it takes a toll on the person she use to be, hence the darker photo. I wanted the pictures and the title to juxtapose each other, so it creates an ironic effect.

What do you think?

Ladies and gentlemen, do have your tickets to the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games?

It’s official!

I bought my ticket for the Hunger Games movie.

It’s only a month away now.

I am super excited and can’t wait to take my seat in theatre with all my friends (all of whom  have read the books, but of course, we’re all publishing students so that makes sense, doesn’t it?)

So tell me readers, have YOU bought your tickets yet?

Or any of you avoiding the movie?

For those fanatics out there and those who just need something Hunger Games to get you by, check these out:

The Girl who was on Fire

The Hunger Games: Ready or Not?

Here are some of the 74th contenders of the Hunger Games (except Liam, playing Gale). Who will you going to cheer on?

Be sure to visit FLW on March 23 for my review on the Hunger Games the movie.

Writing: My newest published piece

Writers are constantly trying to update their portfolios, especially writers who hope to publish their first book one day. It helps when they have something published (ie. articles, poems, short stories) or win writing contests. It proves to publishers their material is good enough to be published as well as tells publishers that the writer may have an established readership that will ultimately help with the sales of their first book.  No matter how small a piece is, it is always good to keep up with writing and get content out there so people can start recognizing you. I’m happy to say that I got a small article published today and on my birthday too!

Check out here!