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Book Cover: Tides of Time

During August and September, I helped K.D Beckett with the third instalment of her “In Time” book series. First, I edited her manuscript. Then, I assembled the book cover. She has a friend create a painting for the book cover. After I receive the file or any additional elements for the cover, it’s time to break out Photoshop and Indesign to make it come together. This is the final product:

Book Cover: Rainbows in Time

Continuing my professional relationship with the author of the “In Time” series, I was given the task to redesign her cover for her first book. I used the same image for book one, but she wanted the same elements that I used for the cover of her second book, such as numbering the book on its spine, a backdrop to the back cover copy, and specifying the book number and the series on  the front cover. This was all in an effort to keep the same style throughout the series.

March 2012

Check out the cover I did for Book 2 of the “In Time” series: Mists of Time, here.