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Poem: Mourn For The Lost of Innocence

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Review: How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kirsten Miller

How-to-Lead-A-Life-of-Crime-coverWe always hear about the hero’s story, but hardly ever hear the villain’s side. The ultimate question is: are criminals born or made? Whatever the answer made be, How to Lead a Life of Crime reveals a world where the craftiest and meanest teenagers go to school to become better predators, killers, and con artists.

The novel was a little difficult for me to get into at first because it had a slow start. I actually had to put it down after two or three pages and didn’t pick it up until a month later. What can I say? I’m the type of reader that likes to jump right into the action from page one. But after the first chapter, it did amp up, drawing me in completely with its smart and laugh-out-loud writing and intriguing storyline. There were times when I would have rather stayed home from work or stayed up late to keep reading. I was hooked by chapter two and the book turned me into its reading addict.

The story follows Flick, a teen pickpocketer, who’s surviving the streets after he fled from his home life. His abusive father is an elite criminal and preys on the weak, even on Flick who is the eldest son and believed to be the weakest link of their family. With his younger brother dead and his mother believed to be murdered, Flick does his best to survive on his own. Sometimes, he finds refuge at a crumbling building that has been taken over by a girl named Joi (pronounced Joey), who welcomes in any orphans who need a safe place to live. Continue reading