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iZombie: Season 1, episode 8: Love & other drugs


There’s love again for Liv. She and Lowell are indeed a couple. A cute zombie couple. While the opening scene suggests female pleasure, I’d say its progress in the entertainment world. It’s been known that the film and television industry frowns upon showing female satisfaction on screen, meanwhile has no problem showing off male characters getting everything they want, even sexually. Not too long ago, Evan Rachel Wood spoke out about one of her scenes being cut out from the film Charlie Countryman due to her character receiving oral sex. She said that there’s a double standard in Hollywood. If it were the reverse, a man receiving oral sex, the scene would have stayed. iZombie is on The CW so the scene is both tame and suggestive, but it shows that the creator, Rob Thomas, breaks down barriers and expectations for female characters.

On a fun note, Peyton is back this episode. And she’s totally kick-ass, demanding Major be released right away. Ravi had been waiting in the office for a long time, waiting for him to be released but the admin assistant was being quite rude and instead on a phone call with a friend. Peyton gets right to business and gets Major out in a matter of minutes. Ravi seemed impressed, perhaps even giving Peyton a charming smile. When we see Major, he has severe cuts and bruises on his face. Poor guy. He also finds out that the boys he has been searching for are dead.


As for Liv, she starts listening to a morning show all about sex on the radio. While at work, things get heated when a caller finds out that the radio host had been sleeping with her husband. The radio signal goes dead and we later found out that the host was murdered via electrocution from her radio equipment. Liv offers to listen to archived sessions of the show to look deeper into who the mysterious caller might be.

Back at the lab, Ravi asks Liv about Peyton. He’s quite interested in her, calling her a “spitfire.” Liv tries not to get his hopes up since, she explains, Peyton doesn’t have any problem finding interested guys. Soon after, Ravi discovers that most of his rats are dead—all of their brains are missing. Funny enough, Liv makes a Game of Thrones reference: “The Lannisters send their regards.” They later find the zombie rat and Liv picks him up as though he’s a puppy. It’s adorable!

In some abandoned warehouse, the police chief meets Blaine. We get a few answers. Blaine turned the police chief into a zombie and it was the chief who moved the missing kids’ bodies into the cultist’s home from last episode. The chief even mentions Liv. He knows she’s a zombie and it seems Blaine has a plan for her too.


As the episode comes to a close, Liv and Clive find out that the sex radio host was murdered by her producer who was jealous of her fame. Major seeks protection, buying a gun from the back of a car. Ravi finally asks Peyton out on a date. And despite wearing a chain-mail glove, the zombie rat bites him in the lab as he is doing blood work. I totally saw that coming. It was bound to happen. But can something small as a rat infect someone? I really love Ravi as a plain old human. I really hope that he doesn’t end up a zombie.

Lastly, Liv is happily waking up next to Lowell. She gets ready for work and eats a piece of brain among scramble eggs. When she catches a glimpse of Blaine coming towards Lowell’s building, you can’t help but get a sinking feeling in your stomach. Liv has a vision of Jerome, one of the missing kids, before he’s murdered by Blaine. Then as the elevator doors open for her and to Blaine, Liv can’t help but realize that Lowell was turned by Blaine. What a very small zombie world it is!


What are your thoughts on episode eight? Do you have any predictions about what may happen next?

Here’s a glimpse of episode 9.

Book Cover: Angels in Hell

As some of you know, I am a publishing student. One of my favourite classes in my publishing program is design. Last semester, I got an opportunity to choose between designing a book cover or a magazine cover. Can you guess which I chose?

My muse for my book cover is an idea I have been working on with a friend. It is a science fiction story with references to different religious mythology mixed in. My first attempt was to design a cover for the first book, but I had limited resources for what I wanted to do. Instead I decided to make the “if this turned into a second book, here is the cover” piece. And here is it:

December 2011

I used photos of the lovely Evan Rachel Wood and Diane Kruger. They represent the sisters in the story. A brief background: There’s two countries that are at war in the first book—one represents Heaven and the other Hell. One sister wants peace between both countries, but is protected by the hero of the story. Meanwhile, her little sister has been more affected by the war and it takes a toll on the person she use to be, hence the darker photo. I wanted the pictures and the title to juxtapose each other, so it creates an ironic effect.

What do you think?