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Review: Listen to the Squawking Chicken by Elaine Lui

squawking-chicken-coverThis year, I’ve tried to make a bigger effort to be open-minded about nonfiction. My reading list tends to be strictly fantasy and science fiction, and in most cases, part of the young adult genre. Over the years, I’ve associated nonfiction, biographies or memoirs to be mundane pieces of literature—chronicling lives of the dead or white-haired politicians. Sometimes, I won’t bother because the busier the person the less likely they would have written the book themselves. Despite having their name on the book, a lot of the time they have ghost writers do the work for them. Continue reading

Canada Reads announces their 2015 books


CBC’s Canada Reads has announced their 2015 book finalists and who will be defending them. This year’s theme is “one book to break barriers.” It’s all about books that can changes perspective, challenges stereotypes, and illuminate issues.

Many Canadian book lovers get excited for this time of year. But if you’re unfamiliar with Canada Reads, let me explain: It’s like an epic book battle debate! Five books are picked and five panelists are chosen to defend one of those books. The panelists have to make a case on why their book should be the next Canada Reads winner. Continue reading