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Writing: My newest published piece

Writers are constantly trying to update their portfolios, especially writers who hope to publish their first book one day. It helps when they have something published (ie. articles, poems, short stories) or win writing contests. It proves to publishers their material is good enough to be published as well as tells publishers that the writer may have an established readership that will ultimately help with the sales of their first book.  No matter how small a piece is, it is always good to keep up with writing and get content out there so people can start recognizing you. I’m happy to say that I got a small article published today and on my birthday too!

Check out here!

Book Cover: Mists of Time

I have been slowly trying to make my way into the publishing world. I’ve been lucky enough to make a few acquaintances with people in the industry. Going to school and taking a publishing program,  I have been able to dabble in a little bit of everything. One thing that you can probably guess that has gotten my attention is Design.

A new time author took me on to both edit and design her book last November. In the last two years, I have slowly taught myself how to design book covers, and I am still learning. I was thrilled when the author took a chance on me to get some experience making book covers professionally.

For this book cover, it was a melding of design choices and suggestions from the author as well as me (the designer).

November 2011