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My 28th Birthday & Birthday Haul


On February 21, I celebrated my 28th birthday. It’s crazy to think how much time has gone by. Now, I don’t really go nuts with birthday celebrations. I like to keep things low key but try to still have fun and do a few things I enjoy doing. Continue reading

Book Cover: Mists of Time

I have been slowly trying to make my way into the publishing world. I’ve been lucky enough to make a few acquaintances with people in the industry. Going to school and taking a publishing program,  I have been able to dabble in a little bit of everything. One thing that you can probably guess that has gotten my attention is Design.

A new time author took me on to both edit and design her book last November. In the last two years, I have slowly taught myself how to design book covers, and I am still learning. I was thrilled when the author took a chance on me to get some experience making book covers professionally.

For this book cover, it was a melding of design choices and suggestions from the author as well as me (the designer).

November 2011

Design: Judging a book by its cover

Design is a big part of my world. I love pretty things, which is one of the reason I still enjoy buying books. Book covers can be art in themselves.

People do judge books by their covers. It is the first thing they notice when they shop in bookstores. Admit it, a book caught your eye because of the cover art or perhaps a colourful font with personality got you stopping in your tracks.

Alongside my love of reading, I adore art and working with computers, so what better way then getting involved in design, whether its banners, logos, or even book covers!

Check this section out for updates on my work or art/designs I find interesting or worth sharing.

~ Steph.