My 28th Birthday & Birthday Haul


On February 21, I celebrated my 28th birthday. It’s crazy to think how much time has gone by. Now, I don’t really go nuts with birthday celebrations. I like to keep things low key but try to still have fun and do a few things I enjoy doing.

On February 20, I celebrated a little early with my friend, Sarah. Deadpool had just been released a few days before and I really wanted to see it. So I decided to do dinner and a movie. Originally, I had wanted to go for sushi, but my favourite restaurant is a small distance away from the movie theatre and I didn’t think we’d get to the movie on time afterwards. Instead, we ended up going to Boston Pizza, but as it turns out, we had a lot of fun chatting and catching up that we didn’t get to the theatre early enough and feared it’d be already too packed.


Plan B. We hung out at a nearby bookstore and got drinks while we waited for the later show. As a book lover—yes, I ended up buying a book. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction. I’m a chronic bookworm.

When we finally headed over to the theatre, we got their early enough to head into the theatre first and get our favourite seats. I really enjoyed Deadpool and happy to hear it has been confirmed that Deadpool 2 is in the works. Watching the movie, I felt like Sarah and I were the only ones laughing at certain jokes. The audience seemed oblivious to the social and cultural references. Oh well, we were just as happy to be in our own little world like we were in on some inside joke.

On my actual birthday, I celebrated with family. We went to one of my favourite Asian restaurants, getting stir fry and then went home to have ice cream cake. Some people might find it weird to eat ice cream during one of the coldest months of the year, but I’ve done it during many past birthdays. Also, it’s really good, so why not?After we sat in the living room, while I opened some of my gifts.

Check out my birthday haul:

A Starbucks gift card from my friend, Sarah


Psychologies magazine


Some pretty barrettes


A few t-shirts from Design By Humans I got for myself


And of course, a few books.

I’m really looking forward to using and enjoying everything. It’s incredible to know how much time has passed, but I’m interested in seeing where my life leads and what’s coming in my next chapter: Chapter 28. Hope it’s a good one!

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