The Penguin Hotline & My Favourite Book Recommendation


Sometimes, the best books are the ones that you haven’t discovered yet. I’ve been a reader and book lover for as long as I can remember. While I am picky about the books I read and trust my own judgments about which ones I’d like to read next, I do welcome book recommendations, especially from trusted book nerds such as myself. At times, it’s a hit and miss. But when someone shares a gem, it’s a wonderful experience to become a fan of a book other people have grown to love too.

This December, the Penguin Hotline asked book bloggers: what was the best book that has ever been recommended to you?

Over the years, I’ve been given a few book recommendations here and there, but the one that stands out the most is the first one I received. It might come as a surprise to some people, but I had trouble communicating when I was younger. I was a late bloomer, choosing to point or make people guess what I wanted rather than using my words. When I did start to speak, I had a hard time pronouncing my words, especially any “s” words like squirrel, shoulder, or solider. It’s quite ironic and funny now because my first name starts with an “s” and I’ve actually chosen a career in the communications/marketing field. When I was younger, I even had a speech therapist too, or so my family tells me. I don’t quite remember.

teeny-tiny-woman-book-coverMy grandmother helped me a lot with my communication and reading skills, buying me workbooks and early reading books. I have fond memories of sitting beside her and reading to her. One of the very first books I read on my own was one that she bought for me and in some ways, recommended to me. It was: The Teeny Tiny Woman, retold by Jane O’Connor. It was about a teeny tiny woman who discovers a bone in a graveyard and decides to bring it home to make some soup. Shortly after, she’s haunted by a ghost, the owner of the bone. I loved the book, reading it over and over again. I liked the story and perhaps it was my introduction to fantasy and paranormal books. But it was also challenging due to all the alliterations, but I kept reading it with my grandmother until I got it right and didn’t stumble over the words.

If you have a book lover on your Christmas shopping list, stop by the Penguin Hotline. Tell them a little bit about who you’re shopping for and get perfect, personalized book recommendations from book experts. You have until December 21, 12 pm EST to put your request in and get a response before Christmas Eve.

Share the joy of reading this holiday season!

In the comments below, let me know the best book recommendation you have ever received.