Poem: Words of Many More


If you told me to describe my mother
In three words or less
I’d tell you, “That’s impossible.”
But I’ll tell you with the words that fit best.

On morning’s rise
It’s me she wakes
Get me up
A new day to create and make

Appreciate and thankful
The lunch she prepares
Perfect little package
A paper bag without a tear

Depart for school, leaving her at home
Knowing she is there to wait
The smile she shares with me
The happy thought I take

When arriving home
I’m happy to see her there
A comfort to be with
Never ending loving care

Unconditional, always there
Team player, the support she gave
My personal cheerleader
To cheer me on when I make a great save

All the things she is to me
Each a different role
Yet each I love
Loving every piece of her as a whole

As you can see
The need to explain with words of many more
She’s the mother I love
The woman I will always adore

*originally published: April 24, 2005.
(A poem given to my mother on her birthday).

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