Poem: When Angels Die


Dark shadow heart
When Angles lose their way
Misguided and lost
Their souls tear and fray

Once had beauty and promise
Had radiant light
Had white wings
To soar and take flight

But now no more wings
Ripped and stripped from their backs
Blood stained scars
Their hopes and dreams now shattered and black

Forsaken beings
No home, no life, no soul
Aimlessly looking for what is left
A costly fate, an unbearable toll

Such a sorry sight
Nothing you can do
Beautiful sadness
Dark blue hues

When Angels have sinned
They are turned away, outcast
Unclean, unholy
Kicked out of heaven, slow death, won’t be able to last

Silent sadness
Lost the twinkle from their eyes
From light to shadows
Faint echoed whispers, their sad reply

One by one, tears fall
When Angels cry . . .
Fallen Angel’s grave
When Angels die . . .

*originally published: February 13, 2005.

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