Canada Reads announces their 2015 books


CBC’s Canada Reads has announced their 2015 book finalists and who will be defending them. This year’s theme is “one book to break barriers.” It’s all about books that can changes perspective, challenges stereotypes, and illuminate issues.

Many Canadian book lovers get excited for this time of year. But if you’re unfamiliar with Canada Reads, let me explain: It’s like an epic book battle debate! Five books are picked and five panelists are chosen to defend one of those books. The panelists have to make a case on why their book should be the next Canada Reads winner.

As a publishing student, almost two years ago, I was lucky enough to go with my class to see one of the debates live at CBC studios. It was amazing!

And you can get involved too! Pick up any or all of the Canada Reads’ 2015 picks at your local bookstore or library and get reading! If you live or can get to Toronto, I highly recommend attending one or more of the live debates. If you’re on social media, get in on the discussion via #CanadaReads. You can live tweet when the debate is on TV, or have your own debate with people who have read the books too.

Here are the Canada Reads 2015 books and panelists:

Canada-Reads-books-and-panelists-2015I’ve currently put all of these books on hold at my public library, so I’m hoping to read some of them before March. I’m looking forward to reading When Everything Feels like the Movies and Ru.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be taking part in this year’s Canada Reads and which books you are most looking forward to reading.

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