Harry Potter Re-Read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1

Harry-Potter-1Much like Harry Potter becoming a household name in the wizard world in the books, he has become one too in ours, the Muggle world. The novels had become a phenomenon, paving the way for other children and young adult novels to take the spotlight and become franchises too. It was a great experience being a part of the Harry Potter generation, having grown up with the books.

It’s been nearly 14 years since I last opened and flipped through the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And I’m happily doing a Harry Potter re-read with some blogger friends, reliving the stories and experiencing them in a new way.

Most people know the story, so I thought I’d go the fun route and answer a few questions about the kind of first year Hogwarts student I would have been.

Muggle, Half-blood, Pure Blood?

I’m a muggle, but it wouldn’t stop me from becoming the best witch I could be!

Which Hogwarts House do you belong to?

Gryffindor. It values bravery, daring, nerves, and chivalry.

What kind of student are you?

Studious. I feel I’m a lot like Hermione. I’d be so fascinated with the wizarding world that I’d read all my textbooks in advance and be eager to learn everything I could during school.

What kind of Wand do you own?

Ash & Dragon Heartstring. Ten and Three Quarter Inches.

What kind of animal do you choose to bring to Hogwarts?

While I adore my pet cats dearly, I’d love to have an owl. Plus, I’d have my own to bring me my mail.

What kind of extra-curricular activities do you take part in?

I’d imagine I’d be a part of a book club or study group. And when I would came of age, I’d totally try out for Quidditch. Even though I am a self-proclaimed geek, I do enjoy taking par tin sports. Much like in soccer, my preferred position would probably be Keeper.

What is your favourite class?

Flying Lessons.

Least favoutire class?

I would have to say History of Magic. I never liked history lessons.


And that’s it! Share in the comments below which Hogwarts House you’d belong to or share a link answering the questions above about the kind of student you’d be if you received a Hogwarts letter.

If you wish to take part in the Harry Potter Re-Read, read up on how to join in, here.

Until next time!

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