Happy Hunger Games

Ever since I heard that The Hunger Games was becoming a movie, I’ve been counting down since day one for it to come out. I finally got a chance to see it on its release date, March 23. With a braid in my hair and a mockingjay pin on my shirt in support for Katniss, I went along with a very good friend who actually bought me the books and with my publishing class friends to see the movie. Anticipation and excitement grew stronger as the lights dimmed and the movie finally began to start.

I’m going to warn you now. My opinion differs greatly from a lot of my friends. As a whole, I thought the movie was just okay, meanwhile everyone else thinks it was really great. I think the only reason why I feel this way is that a movie could never compete with my imagination. I understand the movie was PG-13, but you never got to see how anyone died. In the books, it was pretty explicit how each tribute was killed or murdered, while in the movie, all you got was jarring, shaky camera movements. I had hoped to see more.

Then there were some parts of the books that didn’t make it into the movie. It is understandable why Hollywood must change a few things to help with the timing of the movie and help people who haven’t read the books understand the story. Though, it is still disappointing for loyal fans of the books. The ending was especially disappointing. Katniss and Peeta have been through troubled times, and yet there is no real mention of the physical and mental consequences they faced due to being in the games. The movie doesn’t mention that Katniss lost her hearing in one ear and doesn’t go near the fact that Peeta had lost one of his legs, which had happened in the book. I think that the movie should give more credit to people. They can handle the reality that there isn’t always happy endings, and stuff like this happens in the real world.

Don’t get me wrong though, there were parts in the movie that made up for certain things I had disliked. I wasn’t much a fan of the first fire dress, but I did like Katniss’ second fire dress when she is being interviewed by Caesar. I enjoyed Haymitch and Effie’s comical banter a lot. Katniss has a few hilarious one liners in the movie too.

Also, I adored Katniss and Cinna’s relationship. It was sweet and endearing, reminding me why I loved Cinna in the books in the first place. The musical accompaniment that went along with each scene was done well too. It suited the tone of the movie. And my favourite part and something that I think the movie did very well with was Peeta’s disguise in the forest. It was so realistic looking. I love, love, love it!

Now, everyone has their own opinion and I wouldn’t want anyone to be discouraged from seeing the movie. I personally felt mixed vibes, but that’s only because I always have high expectations for everything. Even though there may be a few things missing from the movie, there are scenes that are worth seeing, reminding you why you loved the books in the first place.

Happy Hunger Games!
May the odds be ever in your favour.

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