Prediction: The Next Phenomenon

Ever hear of Harry Potter? If you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?

Heard of Twilight? Most of us have. If you managed to escape the damaging shrills of vampire fan girls, lucky you.

So what do these big name book titles have in common? Well, they all became a phenomenon.

In the book world, it gets hit with a new phenomenon, on average, in a cycle of every five years. Once you realise what the newest hot trend is, it is sometimes too late to jump onto the bandwagon—at least, for writers.

The vampires have had their spotlight, but the question now is: what’s next?

It’s the very question publishing companies are always asking, trying to determine what the next big thing is to publish. It is all determined by popular culture and you, the people. Sometimes, movies reflect what is popular and impacts on what readers read and vice versa.

My theory on what the newest craze is relies on the scare of the possible impending end of the world in 2012. The idea scares some people and with that they may or may not seek comfort for it—it’s in conjunction with the idea of Religion versus Evolution.

On bookshelves, I have noticed two prominent subjects:

+ Angels/Demons

+ Science Fiction (especially Dystopian

These concepts or genres reflect the times.

Through religion, people may find answers or comfort, believing in entities of good and evil and a higher power that could save them. Meanwhile, science fiction provides multiple theories on how our world may look like in the future. Most of the science fiction novels being published fall under the subgenre of dystopian fiction.

Right now, I think the most obvious craze is dystopian fiction. The Hunger Games is getting a lot of attention right now with its movie coming up in March. A wave of new science fiction novels follow in its wake like: Divergent, Cinder, Matched, The Partials, and much more.

Personally, I love that science fiction is making a hit. For some, science fiction may be too complex to understand, but with a lot of YA authors writing and publishing futuristic stories, it is becoming more accessible to a wider audience.

One thought on “Prediction: The Next Phenomenon

  1. The unknown has always been a curiosity for all of us and I think that’s where Science Fiction and Fantasy feed into that so well and why we enjoy watching and reading about both. Just the thought of what could be is enough to stir the imagination, causing one to say, “What if…?” Whatever comes next, we will be there to see it and enjoy and talk about it.

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