The Hunger Games: Ready or Not…It’s coming

A few days ago, Lionsate released a new trailer for The Hunger Games. This trailer gives the audience another sneak peek into the dystopian world.

As a movie watcher, I am very excited to see it when it comes out on March 23. As a reader, I get disappointed when a movie doesn’t stay true to the book. Watching the trailer with a friend, we both immediately got annoyed with a change in the movie.

Can you spot the change?

What do you think–love it or hate it?

One thought on “The Hunger Games: Ready or Not…It’s coming

  1. I think I’ve seen a total of three trailers for the movie now and I think they look excellent! I hope they don’t mess up the book too much, but they very rarely stay completely true. I think I know exactly what you’re talking about in regards to something they’ve changed. When I saw the above trailer, my mouth nearly hit the floor as I thought, “That never happened!” I’m referring to the pin scene with Prim, it just ticked me off. I hope it’s good though, I so want it to be a good movie!

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