Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The-Hunger-Games-coverCould you kill a human being?

Could you kill 23 of them?

What if you had no choice?

For the last few days, you’ve been training mentally and physically in the Capitol for the Hunger Games. Living in the poor mining community of District 12, your mouth waters every time you breathe the lovely smells of savoury soups, fresh breads, fragrance fruits, and sweet desserts. It has been ages since you’ve scrubbed away the dirt and the grime from your skin with hot water and soap, and dressed in clean clothes. You are treated like royalty, but then you remember tomorrow they send you into the arena. Will you kill for survival or die to keep your morals?

Today’s the day you might die. The announcer wishes you and the other tributes good luck and says, “May the odds be ever in your favour.” Then, your mentor says goodbye as you step onto the platform and it begins to ascend through the glass tube.

You have 20 seconds before you face your opponents from the other districts.

10 seconds. Harsher breaths escape your mouth.

5 seconds. Your palms sweat and your hands ball into fists.

3 seconds. Your heart beats fiercely.

Time’s up.

White light blinds you. As your vision clears, you look around, noticing the arena and the other tributes. Some race for the weapons or survival packs, which are scattered on the ground while others dash into the forest for cover. A tribute stabs a boy in the back wearing a wicked grin after drawing first blood.

It’s game on!

This is the Hunger Games and Katniss Evergreen’s reality.

This week I wanted to start the New Year off with The Hunger Games! It has become very popular in recent months since an announcement had been made that a movie would be made. Not to mention, it has a strong female protagonist—Katniss Evergreen. And I am here to tell you why she is.


Every year, during “The Reaping,” a lottery takes place in each district to pick a boy and a girl for the Hunger Games. In district 12, the crowd grows quiet. Katniss stands in horror when they call her sister’s name. Before her sister walks to the stage, Katniss steps forward to take her place. The gesture of sacrifice shows the great love she has for her family.

In the Hunger Games, she meets a small girl named Rue who reminds her of her sister. Some of the tributes would have thought Rue would be an easy kill, but Katniss sees the good in her, deciding to protect her and become close with her.

Katniss is stubborn at times, going against the advice of her mentor, Haymitch, and the male tribute from District 12 and friend, Peeta. That stubbornness sometimes does her good, getting her out of tough situations and helping the people she cares for. Her intelligence is high too. She calculates when traps will go off in the arena. As well, the Hunger Games are televised. Her only lifeline she has with her mentor is through the packages he sends her into the arena. Sometimes, Katniss calls out for Haymitch to send her something she needs. When nothing comes, she connects the dots that he is trying to send her a message. Her reasoning serves her well because later on Haymitch sends over something quite valuable and useful for her to stay alive or remain hopeful.


Lastly, Katniss fought for survival long before the Hunger Games. She hunts in District 12 to feed her family. Her weapons of choice are a bow and arrows. And she has one hell of a shot. She becomes more deadly in the arena when she finds a bow and some arrows, making her one mighty contender and a character with worthy of being deemed a strong female character.

During one of Katniss’ interviews, her designer creates a dazzling white dress that the audience will forever have ingrained in their minds. Standing on stage, the dress bursts into flames briefly, creating an image of hope for the districts. Like the audience, long after you finish The Hunger Games, it’ll be just as hard for you to forget about the girl who was on fire.

Rating: 5/5


4 thoughts on “Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  1. The book sounds interesting! I am debating whether or not to read them before the movie…sometimes watching the movie helps you to envision what the characters look like. I wonder if I have the time, hmm.

  2. I’ve just recently finished reading the first book of the series and I have to say that I thought it was very good. I did have a few issues with it, but there are few books I don’t have some sort of problem with it. I cannot wait to get some time to finish off the series and I cannot wait until the movie comes out next month!

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